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    M Hybrid L/S Zip Neck by  The North Face represents the highest technological level in terms of thermal clothing design.

    The M Hybrid L/S Zip Neck has a medium weight and a super elastic design that adapts and adjusts to the body to allow maximum freedom of movement with total comfort. It is an ideal garment to combine several layers, because to go so tight and have a sliding finish, has hardly any interference with the clothes we put on.

    The M Hybrid L/S Zip Neck design reminds you a little of the Spider-Man suit and is not for less, since it is woven to offer different tensions and thicknesses depending on the area of ??the body, being thinner in the armpits and in the vertebral zone for greater comfort and freedom of movement.

    In short, it is one of the most advanced and best designed thermal t-shirts of recent times.

    The M Hybrid L/S Zip Neck is ideal for winter use or technical activities in high mountains. The more frioleros can even make a daily use, since its adjusted design allows to take it under the clothes of daily with discretion.

    Made entirely of elastic materials with high insulating power and ultra-fast drying that barely retains moisture. Excellent perspiration.


    • Special design for men.
    • Long Sleeve.
    • Zip neck.
    • Medium weight.
    • Fitted design.
    • Fabric: 75% HyActive (Hollow Polypropylene core), 22% Polypropylene-Taslan, 3% Elastane.
    • Warm, breathable and quick drying.
    • Nice touch.
    • Weight: 185 g.